Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting started

I've had it in my head for a while that I wanted a place to write about the knitting and crocheting that I've been doing, as well as the interesting bits of everyday life. Being me, though, I have been procrastinating... As with most things I do, I let it all stew a bit (sometimes for too long). When I'm finally ready, though, off I go.... So, here goes....

I set several goals for 2008, one of which was to learn how to knit socks, and another to learn how to cable. I'm very excited to report that I have done both and it's not even the end of January! Matthew loves wool socks and has been asking for me to knit him a pair since last summer (why he'd ask for wool socks in summer is beyond me!). The look on his face yesterday when he tried on the sock that I finished was enough to make me want to knit him a thousand pairs! Such joy!! Now, I just need to get the second one done.... hopefully by the end of this week.

As for the cables... in hunting around for knitting patterns, I stumbled across a pattern for an Irish Hiking Scarf. Beautiful! Don loved it, too, so on the needles it went! I'm using a gorgeous cranberry merino/cashmere blend.

Unfortunately, it's very slow-going... I had hoped to have it done by Valentine's Day... Looks like maybe in time for his birthday will be more realistic!

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